monaco natural health

Art Director + UI/UX + Front-End Developer

  • 01. Art Direction
  • 02. UI/UX
  • 03. Visual Design
  • 04. Prototyping
  • 05. HTML/CSS
  • 06. WordPress CMS
  • 07. Mobile
  • 08. eCommerce
  • 09. Branding
  • 10. Print Design

Monaco Natural Health offers a convenient and budget-friendly gateway to holistic living. Through tailored health questionnaires, users can uncover nature’s remedies for a vibrant and complete lifestyle. Known for health, longevity and having the highest life expectancy in the world, the brand was inspired by the beautiful country of Monaco.

I orchestrated a cohesive brand experience and digital presence for Monaco Natural Health. By crafting a harmonious visual identity and developing a user-friendly WordPress website, I seamlessly integrated a membership subscription plan with personalized holistic questionnaires, fostering meaningful engagement and affiliate revenue. Meticulously curating serene and health-focused imagery, I ensured the site emanated tranquility, vitality, and wellness.

The nature-inspired crown logo, a testament to vitality and growth, stands as Monaco’s emblem of holistic well-being. Complemented by a sleek typeface, serene palette of calming blue and revitalizing green, it echoes nature’s soothing embrace. Together, they symbolize a journey towards balance, health, and inner tranquility.

The immersive landing page is a symphony of clean aesthetics, seamless organization, and captivating natural imagery. A serene oasis that lends towards holistic well-being.

Navigational excellence comes to life through the meticulously planned sitemap and flowchart I designed for the website. This visual roadmap ensures effortless navigation, guiding visitors through a holistic journey of wellness and discovery.

Users can explore an array of personalized health treatment options showcased on the website, prompted by transformative benefits of natural medicine – inviting individuals to embark on a holistic journey to vitality and balance.

A blend of clean aesthetics, structured information, iconography and captivating nature-inspired visuals, the thoughtfully designed pages resonate with visitors’ wellness journey, they embody a holistic oasis of knowledge and vitality.

With usablity and engagement being a priority, I designed and developed the questionnaires’ flow; testing via prototypes. Guiding members, these interactive tools empower individuals on their path to well-being, making holistic living accessible for most.

Empowering members, the questionnaires yield tailored outcomes – suggested natural supplements and dietary advice, align with individual responses. This personalized approach propels members towards holistic wellness.