Senior UX/UI + Visual Designer

  • 01. Art Direction
  • 02. UI/UX
  • 03. Visual Design
  • 04. Prototyping
  • 05. User Testing
  • 06. Mobile
  • 07. Branding

With a rich heritage spanning 150 years, stands as a premier online platform, seamlessly connecting individuals with skilled attorneys across 1000+ diverse areas of practice. A beacon of trust, it remains committed to empowering users with exceptional legal representation, embodying excellence and expertise.

As a key contributor to the UX team at, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the website’s design and user experience. Collaborating closely with a dynamic team, we focused on refining the user journey, optimizing usability, and ensuring seamless navigation with the goal of increasing conversions. As a result, saw a 19% growth in desktop traffic and a 112% increase in traffic on mobile within one year of launch.

Thoughtfully selected, our website’s color scheme harmoniously blends serene blues, vibrant yellows, and sophisticated grays. These hues symbolize trust, energy, and professionalism, creating an inviting user experience.

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Crafting a unified experience, search result UX was meticulously tailored for desktop and mobile users alike. Streamlined layouts, intuitive filters, and responsive design ensure effortless navigation, enriching user engagement across all devices.

Collaborating closely with our UX team, I assumed a pivotal role in elevating the website’s visitor experience. Through on-site observational user testing, we actively engaged users, garnering valuable feedback. This input significantly informed the refinement of visuals and usability, resulting in a website that seamlessly aligned with users’ preferences and needs.

Elevating article and blog post content, we curated a seamless reading journey. Clean typography and immersive layouts, amplify content enjoyment, offering an enriched user experience.

Empowering choice, our client and peer review ratings stand as a cornerstone. Authentic insights guide users, enabling confident attorney selections. Transparency and credibility define the commitment to informed decisions.

Revamped graphics for client and peer review seals radiate professionalism. Striking visuals coupled with clarity bolster trust, offering users an immediate gauge of attorney excellence.