Art Director + UI/UX PRINCIPAL

  • 01. Art Direction
  • 02. Branding
  • 03. UI/UX
  • 04. Visual Design
  • 05. HTML/CSS

Elevating entertainment, JARO delivers indie films, web series, shorts, and art for African-American and urban audiences. This premier on-demand platform features a dynamic array of works by both emerging and renowned filmmakers, directors, and visual artists.

I led the strategic development of JARO, overseeing branding, user-experience, and website design. Inspired by Mt. Kilimanjaro’s palette, the vibrant branding complements the intuitive flow, resulting in an authentic representation of the platform’s distinct offerings. The website emanates a captivating essence, uniting design and purpose to honor the diverse narratives that define JARO.

The logo and vibrant color palette, reminiscent of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s allure, infuses our branding and website with energy, celebrating the diversity and creativity of independent film-making.

Experience a content-rich website thoughtfully organized for seamless exploration, inviting you to discover the vibrant world of JARO’s independent content producers.

The website project began with a thoughtfully designed flowchart, guiding the user journey. It facilitated seamless navigation, enabling an engaging exploration of JARO’s diverse collection.

Using Sketch, I created comprehensive wireframes for the website. These visual blueprints mapped out the layout, functionality, and user interface elements, ensuring an optimal user experience. The wireframes served as a roadmap, guiding the development of JARO’s dynamic platform.

The film summary page design captures the essence of each movie elegantly. Featuring key details, user reviews, and intuitive navigation.

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The video stream page boasts an inviting and clean layout, providing a seamless browsing experience.