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AI + Visual Designer

  • 01. Midjourney AI
  • 02. ChatGPT
  • 03. Graphic Design
  • 04. Print Layout

Diving into a creative experiment that bridged history with modern flair, I conjured a conceptual magazine where past US presidents rocked contemporary streetwear. By harnessing the power of AI image generation, GPT-3.5 and deft graphic design, I breathed life into this audacious concept, reimagining the leaders of yesteryears as trendsetting fashion influencers.

“Don’t worry when you are not regcognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

Embracing streetwear’s edgy vibes, Honest Abe didn’t hold back! Trading his traditional garb for a sleek, dynamic outerwear with subtle, sophisticated patterns, he exudes both confidence and a hint of mystery. The fusion of historical gravitas and contemporary cool is a testament to fashion’s ability to transcend time.

Thomas Jefferson struts through time with a suave edge, clad in a timeless wardrobe that whispers sophistication and rebellion.

John F. Kennedy ignites streetwear charm, sporting maritime-inspired looks, proving charisma and style are eternal companions.

Ronald Reagan’s streetwear influence shines in his outerwear game. A classic oversized puffer coat, casually draped, exudes his confident style, proving some trends are eternally presidential. His style mirrors his audacious presidency, where bold choices defined leadership, both on the global stage and in the fashion realm.

Theodore Roosevelt’s outerwear was a sartorial ode to his adventurous spirit. Sporting rugged utility jackets and coats, he seamlessly merged style and substance, showing that bold decisions in fashion, much like his political landscape-shaping moves, are the hallmark of an icon unafraid to explore uncharted territories.

TR’s impact on America reverberates through time. His trust-busting policies, conservation efforts, and diplomatic prowess shaped a progressive era, setting the course for modern America. A visionary leader, his legacy continues to inspire innovation, environmental stewardship, and the pursuit of bold ideas that push boundaries and drive progress.