competitive intelligence app

Senior Visual + UX/UI Designer

  • 01. UI/UX
  • 02. Visual Design
  • 03. Prototyping
  • 04. User Testing
  • 05. Mobile
  • 06. Branding

The Competitive Intelligence iPad app, developed by LexisNexis, caters specifically to attorneys and law firms, delivering a comprehensive tool to monitor local competitors by practice area. It offers the ability to generate insightful reports, encompassing website metrics, profile views, as well as client and peer review ratings. It’s a strategic companion for staying informed in the legal arena.

Working on the LexisNexis UX team, we meticulously crafted the visual design and development for the award-winning Competitive Intelligence iPad app. We seamlessly integrated refined interface designs, optimizing user experience and engagement. The focus on intuitive workflows and enhanced functionality ensured an app that not only stood out aesthetically but also delivered unparalleled user satisfaction.

The app proved indispensable for attorneys and law firms, offering a competitive edge in their areas of practice. By providing real-time insights into local competition, website stats, and peer/client reviews, it empowered strategic decisions and amplified their professional standing, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Our team achieved transformative enhancements to the original app design, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The remarkable improvements not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure seamless usability, translating into an unmatched user experience.

Efficiently view attorney and law firm profiles within the app, gaining quick access to crucial information for helpful decision-making and strategic planning.

Effortlessly discover and analyze competitors using the app’s intuitive search features. Swiftly access key insights, enabling astute evaluation and strategic positioning within your legal landscape.

Unlock comprehensive insights with the app’s report generation feature. Delve into profile analytics, website stats, SEO and social media impact, and Martindale-Hubbell ratings. Making data-driven decisions that can propel legal practices forward.

Professional Profile Report
SEO & Social Media Report

No details were overlooked during the developmental process. The alerts section is clean & easily navigable, along with the various flyouts used to refine results throughout the application.