bare necessities

Digital Art Director + UX/UI Principal

  • 01. Art Direction
  • 02. UI/UX
  • 03. Visual Design
  • 04. Prototyping
  • 05. User Testing
  • 06. Mobile
  • 07. eCommerce
  • 08. Branding
  • 09. Digital Ads
  • 10. Print Design

For more than two decades, Bare Necessities has embraced the captivating essence of women, fearlessly celebrating the journey of self-discovery and experiences. Their unwavering commitment is to empower every individual, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and exude confidence in their most intimate moments.

In this endeavor, I had the pleasure of working closely with the company’s esteemed creative director to elevate the brand to a level that resonates with designer luxury fashion. Through the introduction of a modern and sophisticated typeface, complemented by a richer color palette, we successfully achieved our intended goal. The outcome exudes elegance and refinement, truly capturing the essence of a high-end fashion brand.

Three new core brand colors are introduced, with the primary ‘Deep Purple’ used as the core catalyst for the brand’s modernized perspective. The ‘Helvetica Neue’ and ‘Didot’ typefaces were used for printed materials, while ‘Roboto’ is used strictly for the online applications.

A minimal aesthetic was used for all print materials, in order to maintain the newly established brand scope.

Placing emphasis on the two main brand colors, gives brilliant contrasting, which aides in the marketing assets standing out and increasing sales. And lends to the sophistication of the updated brand perspective.


The previous design was terribly outdated, as well as lacking in usability and cohesiveness. By simplifying the global header/footer, mega menu, product pages, shopping cart and checkout, we were able to create a cleaner shopping experience and increase user satisfaction. Through a series of extensive user testing, we were able to confirm that the updated design and functionality resonated tremendously with the Bare Necessities’ user/customer base.

Mega menu + Extended Search
Product Listings
Shopping Cart
Size Chart
Newsletter Signup
Marketing Email

To further cement the brand’s new direction, we also worked on updated  ancillary graphic elements. This included the creation of custom global vector icons, size charts, along with newsletter signup and marketing emails.

The website seamlessly adapts to handheld devices, ensuring optimal performance on tablets and phones. Each element introduced underwent rigorous testing, guaranteeing a flawless and immersive user experience.