Art Director + Front-End Developer

  • 01. Art Direction
  • 02. Branding
  • 03. Print Design
  • 04. Visual Design
  • 05. WordPress CMS
  • 06. eCommerce
  • 07. Mobile

Axylus is a steadfast design agency fueling small businesses and entrepreneurs for two decades. Specializing in brand identities, impactful websites, and compelling printed marketing materials, they elevate brands with seasoned expertise, precision, and creative finesse.

Drove the entire branding and retail website development for Axylus, seamlessly aligning their essence with design. Meticulously shaping every element to resonate with their vision, the result was an immersive digital presence that echoes their expertise.

A company’s brand is its compass in the business landscape. It shapes perceptions, fosters trust, and differentiates from the competition. A strong brand encapsulates values, instills confidence, and creates lasting connections. It’s the cornerstone upon which successful ventures are built.

The bold colors and commanding typography used in the branding is purpose-driven. These design elements aren’t just visuals; they’re a language that speaks of confidence and innovation. Through vibrant hues and strong fonts, Axylus forges a visual identity that captivates and resonates, setting them apart in the design realm.

I embraced minimalism with high-contrast printed materials. Each piece is a symphony of simplicity and impact, leaving a lasting imprint. The deliberate interplay of space and design elements captures attention, showcasing Axylus as a master of communication through refined aesthetics.

Custom Payment UI

The retail website was developed to be geared towards convenience and creativity. Reflecting their commitment to impactful design and exceptional user experiences, it allows for seamless browsing and ordering of custom printed materials online.